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Why I let go of Ballet For Adults

by | Dec 12, 2020 | Dancer Diary, Inspiration

  And Then, The Age of Elegance, photo by C&O, Inc.

Hello Dancers.

I wanted to let you know that BalletforAdults.com is now pointed back to its original home, TheLastDancer.com. It is here where my voice comes through with the most honesty.  In this past year, I also turned the big five-o and hope to be a part of the adult ballet world as long as I possibly can (wishes welcome for my right hip). Here, with The Last Dancer I will continue to explore and share that hope through this website. Although the reality of ballet is that physicality is its medium, I am still enjoying and learning from ballet as an art form after 45 years of practicing its methods.

“Ballet never gets old for me.”

I also want to explore artistry beyond being a dancer. Designing products has been a goal of mine since I started my art + design company years ago with my business partner that I met at a ballet studio. After graduating from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, I started blogging on TheLastDancer.com. It was creative space for me to play with art, design, fashion while combining it with my love for ballet. Then, an opportunity to continue a blog for adult ballet dancers came my way with BalletForAdults. Having done web design, my clients would often want the secrets to successful blogs and followings. So, I leaped into the world of influencing as a way to learn by trying myself. Besides, the adult ballet world in general needed major support. However after blogging, vlogging, posting, podcasting, mailing e-newsletter and affiliate marketing, I reached the end of my micro influencer journey. BalletForAdults had found success in a social audience of over fifty thousand followers, and twenty thousand website visitors per month. Best of all though, beyond the audience and experience I gained, I really do see that the adult ballet world has arrived at a new level of respect, resources and opportunity. 

poster history of ballet for adults transition

My first concept for The Last Dancer Website, and our new aquisition of Ballet for Adults.

poster history of ballet for adults to the last dancer

The new design for Ballet for Adults, and then my new design for The Last Dancer, 2020.

Outside of The Last Dancer, I enjoy spending time with my three boys, who are usually on a baseball field, and taking photos of my cat Snowbelle hiding in my old historic house. (find her @whereissnowbelle) Being creative is my work and the way my life feels complete. As I get older, I am finding new ways to nurture my artistry and it seems to me that being incredibly personal with The Last Dancer is the direction that is challenging me today.  I hope that you will continue to join me and find the passion for adult ballet in different forms as we grow.

Keep Going, Keep Growing with the Grace + Style of a Dancer

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the age of elegance ballet dancer at 50 in attitude

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~ Keep Going, Keep Growing with the Grace + Style of a Dancer ~

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