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In the Spirit of Rélevé
Why I Let Go of Ballet for Adults
11 Reasons for Adult Ballet Dancers to Love the Gyrotonic Method
Busting Myths about Masculinity in Ballet
Happy Anniversary, Ballet for Adults!
5 Reasons Every Dad Should Take Ballet
Forever Ballet
11 Tips for Beginning Ballet Barre Etiquette
Prepare for a Revolution
Christopher Hird Redesigns Adult Ballet at Sarasota Ballet School
When the Stage Calls
The Dance of the Iconic Swan
18 Confessions of Adult Ballet Dancers
Body Talk: 4 Therapeutic Strategies for Dancers
5 Muscular Hot Spots That Affect Dancers
10 Healthy Pre-Class Meals For Dancers
3 Simple Balance Checks for Center Work
Teacher Talk: Kristin Klade
Morning, Noon, and Night: When To Go To Ballet Class
Teacher Talk: Fleming Lomax
10 Awkward Moments and How to Handle Them
Teacher Talk: Gloria Buckley Ewerz
Ballet Is Woman: Supporting Real Women In a Rarefied Art Form
3 Cross-Training Tips For Ballet Dancers
25 Ballet Books, Films, and Media To Binge On This Summer
Ballet Style: 3 Trends For The Studio
The Other Red Shoes: A Survival Guide For Dancing While On Your Period
3 Major Pointe No-No’s
7 Reasons Guys Should Take Ballet
Cambré and Port de Bras: The Ultimate Upper-Body Duo
10 Tips For Your First Recital!
Retirement With Class: Ballet class, that is.
Back To Basics: The Five Positions of the Arms
Ballet Aesthetic and The Case For The Booty
Misty Copeland: Triumph and Embarrassment
3 Stretches Adult Ballet Students Should Do Every Morning
Barre Essentials: 5 Guidelines for Proper Posture
3 Pointe Safety Tips For Beginners
Back to Basics: The 5 Positions of the Feet
10 Pointe Shoe Hacks For 2016
Learning to Articulate the Feet: A 3-Step Guide
5 Qualities Every Ballet Teacher Should Have
4 Common Health Conditions That Affect Dancers
3 Red Flags To Avoid In Adult Ballet Class
3 Factors To Consider Before Enrolling In Class
Parents and Kids: 3 Ways To Do Ballet Together
3 Signs of Burnout
5 Tips For a Better Warmup
3 Ways To Boost Your Confidence Now
3 Fitness Hacks For Adult Ballet Students
10 Items Adult Students Should Have In Their Dance Bag
Ballet Terms That Can Be Confusing
Get The Look: Ballerina Style In 5 Steps
4 Tips To Stay Healthy For Ballet Class
3 Tips To Improve Your Extension
Want To Go Pro? 8 Tips For Advanced Adult Students
3 Ballet Exercises To Help You Shape Up For Summer
5 Tips For New Adult Ballet Students
10 Common Ballet Technique Mistakes and How To Fix Them
Plus-Size? 3 Reasons You Should Take Ballet
5 Life Hacks For Adult Ballet Dancers
5 Things Adult Ballet Students Should Know About Summer Workshops
3 Reasons Seniors Should Take Ballet
5 Common Ballet Ailments And How To Manage Them
4 Things To Consider If You Want To Dance On Pointe
3 Types of Ballet Feet and How To Use Them
7 Ways Adult Ballet Students Can Find Inspiration
3 Reasons You Should Wear A Bun For Ballet Class
9 Things Your Teacher Is Thinking In Adult Ballet Class
5 Things Adult Ballet Students Should Do If They Want To Improve
3 Types Of Stretching: Which Is Best For Adult Ballet Students?
Top 4 Reasons Men Should Take Ballet
5 Exercises Adult Ballet Students Should Do Everyday
3 Ways Jealousy Ruins Your Progress In Ballet Class
5 Hygiene Rules Every Adult Ballet Student Should Follow
3 Ballet “Flaws” And How To Use Them To Your Advantage
5 Mistakes Adult Ballet Dancers Make That Can Lead To Injury
You Might Be A Ballerina If…(10 Signs You’re Obsessed With Ballet)
5 Misconceptions About Adult Ballet Dancers
Ballet Class and Flu Season: 5 Ways To Prevent Illness
5 Performance Opportunities For Adult Ballet Dancers
The Best Time Of Day To Take Ballet Class
Top 5 Reasons Adults Avoid Ballet Class (And Why You Should Go Anyway)
8 Dancewear Tips And Tricks
Mind-Body-Spirit: 3 Major Ways Ballet Improves Your Life
4 Tips For Finding A Great Ballet Teacher
Top 3 Reasons Adult Ballet Dancers Rock
How To Take Care Of Your Feet On Pointe
Celebrate Diversity In Ballet
How To Improve Your Turnout
How To Break In Pointe Shoes
3 Tips To Reduce Slipping On Dance Floors
5 Tips For Male Ballet Dancers
Ballet Exercises You Can Do At Home
Pointe Class For Adults
Getting Your First Pair Of Pointe Shoes
10 Delicious And Healthy Snacks To Fuel You For Class
How To Do A Warm-Up For Ballet Class
How To Build Confidence As An Adult Ballet Dancer
How to Choose Ballet Shoes
How To Choose An Adult Ballet Class
Homeschooled Ballet Students
Ballet and Body Image
Do’s and Don’ts of Adult Ballet
The Levels of Adult Ballet
What To Wear In Ballet Class
Ballet Class 101
5 Reasons To Try Adult Ballet Class


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Hi I’m Nikki, The Last Dancer. I started this shop + blog as a creative outlet and to continue my identity as an artist. My whole life has been influenced by dancing and this shop focuses on items that speak to a dancer’s entire lifestyle. If you found yourself here, my hope is that this website offers you inspiration too. The shop contains my own products and the blog is original content.

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