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Happy Anniversary, Ballet for Adults!

by | Jan 15, 2018 | Articles, Icons & Interviews, Inspiration

As we are celebrating our one year anniversary of owning Ballet For Adults, we would like to share our accomplishments and our goals for the future. Our most exciting news is that we are starting a podcast show that will provide more opportunities for busy adults to learn about ballet.

We want to thank our followers for sticking with us in this transitional year. Originally, Ballet for Adults was founded by Bethany Leger in 2014 and we initially purchased the site for its content to be added to our lifestyle blog, The Last Dancer. However, it became immediately clear that we wanted to inspire all adult ballet dancers from different backgrounds and various levels of experience and not be a personal blog. Finding Ballet For Adults allowed us to create that focus on connecting adult ballet dancers and has continued to pull us in a direction we feel is right not only for us, but for the community of dancers worldwide.

hello ballet for adults new format

So long to The Last Dancer and hello to Ballet for Adults

In the first year, we rebuilt the website three times, reset our categories, and “massaged” the brand to a niche blog site that is set up for growth. What began with us feeling as if we were throwing spaghetti against the wall became a deeper understanding of what we want to accomplish and represent; to put simply, how we can help make a impact on adult ballet. It has been our dream to have a blog for a very long time and we are grateful for the opportunity to do this work that is speaking to us very strongly.

Our mission at Ballet For Adults is to elevate the genre of adult ballet and be a support to the ballet world. We want to promote a level of respect for those who pursue this art form and to help make it possible to dance ballet throughout one’s lifetime. We strive to expand the ways to learn to dance ballet at any age and to curate a methodology specially designed for adult ballet dancers. We want to work with others who have a passion for adult ballet and discover more opportunities for connecting this growing genre in the ballet world.

new images from ballet for adults

Our first blog post and our most engaging Instagram.

We hope that you join us even more in our second year. Growing our social media channels will be our major focus for 2018, while engaging with as many people as we can in the adult ballet world. We have a feature on our website in the contact tab to ask a live question and a sister Instagram site called @danceartgallery that features fine art on dance. We are also beginning a vintage line of items, compiling old and classic items to offer. Watch for our Etsy shop this year!

We are doing our best to use each social channel uniquely so it not a regurgitation of information. So if you haven’t followed us on them, we would greatly appreciate it and we’d love to hear from you!

We wish everyone a Happy New Year filled with growth, grace, and ballet.

Merde Dancers!
Nicole Ozment, Linda Oeffling and Nicole Rhino

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first year of owning a niche blog

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