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Get The Look: Ballerina Style In 5 Steps

by | Jul 16, 2015 | Articles, Beauty & Style, Lifestyle

You know a true ballerina when you see one: the proper bun, simple leo, and distinctive duck walk. Okay, so maybe you won’t master the duck walk, but here’s 5 ways you can score the authentic ballerina style for class.

1. Warmup

warmup legs with legwarmers

No professional ballerina comes to class without a layer or two. Create your own warmup outfit with sweatpants and a soft hoodie. Bundle up even more in cold weather with an infinity scarf and some legwarmers. Hot outside? Travel from the street to the studio in a loose tank top and shorts; just make sure you’re wearing convertible tights you can roll above your ankles. Whichever combination you throw together for your warmup outfit, be sure it is easy to remove before or during class.

2. Dancewear

dancer in arabesque wearing black leotard dancewear

Love it or hate it, the leotard is essential to any ballerina’s wardrobe. Leotards come in all designs and colors nowadays, but you can never go wrong with a simple black leo. Camisole leotards that have a deep, open back create an elongated look. Tank leotards are always a sturdy, reliable option, and long-sleeve leotards have more of a classic nostalgia. And tights? Go for black. Sure, pink tights are traditional and always welcome, but a pair of black convertible tights worn over your leotard will catapult your style from amateur to pro.

3. Hair

adult dancer with ballet bun

Fashionistas everywhere are playing with the messy bun trend, but you will want a more tailored look. Create a chic bun at the nape of your neck, or wear it high and proud. Avoid planting the bun directly on the back of your head. Simply tie a ponytail in either spot and twist a few loops around the base. Secure with bobby pins and you’re ready to go. If you want to try a more advanced variation of this, wear a french twist.

4. Cosmetics

dancer looking at camera, makeup

While there’s no set rule that says you can’t wear cosmetics, keep it to a minimum. Avoid bright eyeshadows and lipsticks, and if at all possible, skip the nail polish! Look at any professional ballerina on the stage. Is she wearing Aqua Blue or french tips? If you must wear your MAC, stick to more muted colors that match your skin tone and enhance your natural beauty. Keep your nails clean, and please, unless you are the prodigy of Balanchine, refrain from wearing perfume to class.

5. Jewelry

woman with hand against forehead, wearing earrings

There is nothing more lovely than small, delicate earrings framing a ballerina’s face. You can wear your favorite gemstone, gold, or trinket of sentimental value. If you’re a single lady, treat your ring finger to something feminine and special. As long as they don’t detract from the cohesion of your look, or distract others, it is perfectly acceptable to don a few dainty accessories.

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