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Choreograph Ballet Into Everyday Life

by | Dec 19, 2018 | Uncategorized

beats by ballet for adults

A Newsletter for Adult Ballet Dancers | Winter 2018



What exactly are you reading here?
Well, it’s little snippets of news just for adult ballet dancers. This will make it easier for you to know everything about adult ballet in quarterly (more or less) newsletters delivered right to your inbox. I work really hard on Ballet For Adults because I feel very strongly that there needs to be more respect, growth & understanding to this genre of dancers. So whether you are just beginning, coming back or never left…if you love the practice, the artistry and the lifestyle, let’s keep going, and growing together!



Put on some fun non-slip socks with your ballet slippers inside them when you are holiday hustling around your home. Whenever you are reaching down to pick something off the floor, place your feet into a gentle fourth position and do a bend forward to pick up the object with both hands, your body centered & controlled. Think about your spine and include your head. Done correctly it will feel like a back massage & a tummy lift at the same time.



Ballet For Adults has started a podcast show with the Premier Dance Network. I am very excited for next year’s lineup of guests.  We are included alongside twelve other amazing shows, such as the The Kathryn Morgan Show and Stage Rightside with ABT’s James Whiteside. I have a big learning curve to get through with equipment and editing.  Season 1, Episode 2 Forever Ballet, on iTunes is my favorite so far.



It may take me until spring to get through The Battle of The Nutcrackers, which I DVR’d from the Ovation Channel.  I think I like seeing adults cast as  mice and children cast as soldiers.  The contrast is wonderful!  And what is my problem that I can’t get over short tutus for Waltz of the Flowers?  Haven’t heard of this? Put it on your calendar for next year:  https://www.ovationtv.com/battle-of-the-nutcrackers-2018/

The Ovation Channel is available through cable, satellite and telco system.  It was a cable add-on negotiation with my husband when we first got married; Me, Ovation Channel.  Him, MLB.



Here’s a few win-win, some even made For & By adult ballet dancers.



Anything Else?  Why…yes, this book.

Celestial Bodies, How to Look at Ballet by Laura Jacobs. This one is going on my KonMari’d bookshelf alongside A Very Young Dancer. Her language is so beautiful & I love the deeper understanding of ballet she shares. Relate, while reading with a mug I made of Marie Antoinette called Let Them Have Pancake Hands.



I have started up again with ballet home workouts in preparation to try studio class again.  My knee is getting better but fear level is quite high. The studio where I usually take ballet has decreased their adult ballet classes and so my troop is carpooling to two, new for us, studios.  Traveling to get to a good class is worth it. In high school, during the school week, I would take a train round trip for three hours to take ballet class. For the first time, just last night, I met up with my #balletforadults ballet gang for Swedish Glogg and pepperkaker.


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