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11 Reasons for Adult Ballet Dancers to Love the Gyrotonic® Method

Annie Ashmann at her studio, Expand, Movement & Wellness in Crystal Lake, Illinois, where Nikki Ozment interviewed Annie for the Ballet for Adults Podcast Season 1, Episode 5 ~ Gyrotonic® Method & Adult Ballet. Photographs by Chelini & Oeffling. When you first hear about a trending movement method, most dancers are already familiar with it. If you haven’t heard of The Gyrotonic® & Gyrokinesis® Method . . .

Body Talk: 4 Therapeutic Strategies for Dancers

Ballet is a total body workout. Regardless of age or ability, every student experiences a degree of fatigue or discomfort as a result of their training. If you’ve developed a chronic problem spot, or maybe class just has you wiped, consider four alternative therapies to help you feel better.

5 Muscular Hot Spots That Affect Dancers

Different sports and athletic activities engage different muscles in the body. Since ballet requires immense lower body strength, ballet dancers tend to develop problem spots and injuries from the waist down. Consider five common hot spots that affect dancers and how to cope with them.

10 Healthy Pre-Class Meals For Dancers

You should never go to class on an empty stomach; you should also never go to class with a gut full of the wrong stuff. Selecting healthy meals and snacks from a wide range of whole foods will give you the energy and nourishment you need to get through class.

4 Common Health Conditions That Affect Dancers

Ballet requires intense effort, and as a result, no dancer goes unscathed. While some students suffer from a preexisting condition, ballet can definitely cause aches and pains for others. Here are 4 common health conditions that affect dancers, and how to address them…

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