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11 Tips for Beginning Ballet Barre Etiquette

Perhaps ballet etiquette is something that is never stated out loud in class — but you can depend on this: it matters to your instructor and to the experienced dancers in your class! If you feel that ballet etiquette is old fashioned or uptight, consider that you are studying a classic art form that depends on tradition.

10 Awkward Moments and How to Handle Them

Just so we’re clear, none of the following are life-or-death situations. But we’ve all had an awkward moment in ballet class. Adults especially tend to be overly self-conscious. Rest assured, if any of these ever happen to you, know that many before you have…

5 Qualities Every Ballet Teacher Should Have

Knowledge. Every ballet teacher should have at least a basic knowledge of ballet history, relevant composers, and most definitely should know the French ballet vocabulary. Your teacher doesn’t have to be an elitist snob, but they should know their stuff, so to…

3 Red Flags To Avoid In Adult Ballet Class

Everything seemed to be going fine: registration was a breeze, the location was perfect, then you arrived to class and found out that the standards are, well, low. If you ever come across these 3 red flags in class, run, don’t dance, to the nearest exit. 1. Wardrobe…

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