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Forever Ballet

Ballet is an art form pursued by all ages, which is one of the most enchanting elements of its artistry.  While acknowledging age in the studio is not meant to define a dancer’s ability, talent or grace, it can create a welcoming space for modifications in the lesson. This has been increasingly recognized by studios lately, and can be inviting to a group of adult ballet dancers in particular: seniors.

Retirement With Class: Ballet class, that is.

Retirement can bring on a host of mixed feelings; some feel liberated from the workforce, while others struggle with boredom or loneliness. Regardless, you can take advantage of this new stage in your life to experience the benefits of adult ballet. Consider three…

3 Reasons Seniors Should Take Ballet

Adult ballet welcomes dancers of all ages, including seniors. For many 65 and up, the saying holds true, “It’s not the age, it’s the mileage!” Senior students play an active role in the adult ballet community and . . .

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