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5 Reasons To Try Adult Ballet Class

by | Nov 20, 2014 | Articles, Just Beginning, Tips

Adult Ballet Class is geared to students 18 and older who are interested in learning ballet for recreation. Students are typically beginners who have little to no previous training, but the class may also include advanced students, or retired professionals. No matter your experience, the purpose of an adult ballet class is to provide training without the pressure of pursuing a career.

Here are five reasons to try an adult ballet class:

1. It’s beautiful.

If you’re interested in taking an adult ballet class, chances are you were drawn to dance as a child, or you always thought ballet was a beautiful art form. In an adult ballet class, you get to revisit those early years or finally fulfill a childhood dream. You will learn movements that teach you coordination and grace. Classical music fills the room with notes of piano, flute, and violin. Adult ballet class is full of artistic inspiration to explore and appreciate.

2. There’s no pressure.

There is a common misconception among novices that they will look silly or be criticized. This is not true. In adult ballet class, there is no pressure to improve or pursue a professional career. Many students, recreational and advanced, take an adult ballet class because it is not as intense as a professional training program. They can relax, enjoy the music, and not worry about having to be “perfect”.

3. It has health benefits.

Adult ballet class is a great alternative to traditional aerobic exercise. If you’re bored with the treadmill, ballet technique is physically challenging and works all major muscles groups. It improves balance, increases mobility in the joints, and helps build stamina and strength. It also promotes good circulation because you are always moving. Though the structure of ballet class remains the same, no class is exactly the same as the one before it, so this also improves mental agility, or the ability to quickly learn a variety of concepts. Adult ballet class can also boost your self-esteem and provide a social outlet.

4. It’s cost-effective.

Ballet training can be expensive. Adult ballet classes are a cost-effective option. Adult ballet classes are offered at professional schools, studios, recreation centers, and community colleges. While you can pay for a single class, most students purchase a class card which typically consists of 8-10 classes. You can purchase these at the class, and in some cases online. Class cards are a one-stop shop that reduce the rate of each class, saving you time and money.

5. You don’t have to wear a tutu.

Unless you have been hired to perform the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy in your community’s production of The Nutcracker, you can leave the tutu at home. Adult ballet class does not require (nor encourage) you to dress like a 5 year-old girl. Leotard and tights are standard attire for any ballet class, though you can wear any comfortable exercise apparel you can move freely in, such as yoga pants and a tank top.

Adult ballet class is a great way to stay fit, be exposed to classical culture, and learn social dynamics. If you’re hesitant to step foot in the studio, don’t be! Adult ballet class is a unique community that welcomes students of all backgrounds and levels to express themselves. Remember, whether you are 25 or 65, you are never too old to learn ballet!

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