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3 Signs of Burnout

by | Oct 15, 2015 | Articles, Lifestyle, Mind | Body | Health

As an adult ballet student, you typically do not have the schedule of a professional. For those aspiring to carve their niche in the professional world, the following signs of burnout may ring true. Regardless of your training program, life’s circumstances, its challenges and setbacks, can put you through the wringer. Whether burnout is affecting your training, or is the result of it, find out if you’re suffering from burnout with these 3 warning signs.

1. You’ve lost your fire.

dancer in rainbow leggings on floor with

Were you at one time a self-proclaimed ballet freak, fiercely devoted to class? You may have been very passionate about the art form, but now you’re slowly finding yourself losing interest. This is not uncommon for students who are spent from their day jobs, or have heavy family responsibilities. But in the case that you don’t fall into either of these categories, you need to address this newfound apathy pronto. Rekindle your fire by changing dance schools, taking class with a new teacher, or check out a live performance. Any dedicated ballet student will tell you that your fire doesn’t simply go away – something is stealing it. Maybe you’re in a rut and just need a new challenge to inspire you!

2. You’re depressed.

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Everyone feels low sometimes, but if this keeps you from enjoying dancing, you may have a problem on your hands. Some students become too preoccupied with their weight, leading to obsessive behaviors and unhealthy eating patterns. This can have a serious effect on your health and performance. Others are so hard on themselves that they give up trying. If you’re struggling with technique, setting reasonable goals for yourself can help you to maintain a positive attitude. Whatever you do, don’t compare yourself to others – it’s a surefire way to sabotage your progress. There will always be someone who can turn faster and leap higher. Rather, think of being in competition with yourself. Putting the power back into your hands instead of your peers preserves your dignity and reroutes your focus where it needs to be.

3. You’re overwhelmed.

ballerina lying in a pile of leaves, overwhelmed

Even though you want to dance, the grind of daily life can wear you out. As mentioned earlier, your day job can sap your energy, or maybe you have a family to take care of, leaving you with no time for yourself. If you’re an advanced student, maybe you’re exhausted from trying to reconcile your dreams of a career with the demands of the workforce and the reality of post-recession living expenses. Maybe an injury has you sidelined. Stress is a big factor that keeps adults out of the studio. If you’re loaded down but still desperately wish to include ballet in your life, consider scaling back your schedule to include just one class a week until you’re able to take on more. Until then, enjoy DVDs, read ballet books, or explore YouTube for interesting rehearsal and performance footage!

In an increasingly stressful and demanding world, it can be difficult to strike a balance. Being able to adapt to various circumstances and still find joy in your dancing comes with experience.

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