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3 Fitness Hacks For Adult Ballet Students

by | Sep 10, 2015 | Articles, Learning Beyond Class, Lifestyle

So you’re not a kid anymore. You don’t bounce back from a tumble down the stairs, you don’t have lightning fast metabolism, and you wake up each morning with newfound aches and pains.  You love going to ballet class, but you’re feeling your age and you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to intense workouts. Don’t sweat it. Consider these 3 fitness hacks to stay motivated.

1. Plank every day.

Fitness experts across the board recommend practicing a plank every day. Simply start on all fours, extend to the push up position, then rest your elbows on the ground. Surely this is easier said than done, but holding this plank position for 30 seconds to a minute every day will strengthen your core and boost your confidence. Traditional exercise programs definitely improve your health, but you don’t have to be a maniac about it when you’re taking class for recreation.

2. Don’t obsess. 

en pointe standing on scale

While extreme diets and strenuous fitness regimes are commonplace among professionals, as an adult dancer, you shouldn’t try to mimic these images or be overly concerned about the number on the scale. However, proper weight management is important to explore regardless of whether you dance. For example, you can do research to find out what the healthy BMI is for your height and age and consider ways you can adjust your lifestyle to meet your goals. Never gauge your worth or your waistline by the typical ballet ideals. Instead of obsessing over every calorie you consume, focus on reasonable goals that will allow you to enjoy class as a healthy dancer. 

3. Lose the stilettos.  

bare feet, taking off stiletto heels

If you’re experiencing tight calves or ankles from all those relevés, wear flats and give your muscles a chance to recuperate. And while we’re on the topic of footwear, frequently examine your ballet shoes. Look for holes, snags, or if they even fit correctly. While ballet shoes obviously go through some wear and tear, it’s important to change them out if they became a hazard. Check in with your body during class. Do you need to take a breather and stretch? Pushing your body past its limits can result in injury or at the very least, severe aches and pains the following morning. 

These are just some basic hacks to help you practice balance, both literal and figurative, as an adult dancer. Enjoy class!

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