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3 Factors To Consider Before Enrolling In Class

by | Nov 10, 2015 | Articles, Just Beginning, Tips

Finding the right class can be daunting, but it’s not impossible. Among the sea of leotards and dance moms, there are options out there for grown-up who want the chance to dance without breaking the bank (or their back). While there’s always a little bit of risk involved, adults can empower themselves to make the best decision. Here’s 3 important factors to consider before enrolling in class.

1. Quality

What’s in your area? Recreation centers? Pre-professional dance schools? A small dance studio tucked away in a strip mall? These are all viable options depending on the quality of the class. Before signing up for the first class you find, do some research: call and request information, or do a simple Google search to see what is the most reputable choice in your community. Though ballet itself is the same worldwide, locations and teachers unfortunately, are not. If you’re trying to find a class that reminds you of Lincoln Center, you might want to steer clear of the dance school that offers cheerleading in the next room; ditto for studios that specialize in ballet-yoga hybrids. While your best option would be to take class at a pre-professional school, don’t assume that the local recreation center or community college doesn’t offer a great class (and at a fraction of the price!). It has been my experience that hidden gems exist where you least expect them.

2. Commute

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How far is the class from where you live, or from your job? Do you have to jet to class immediately after you clock out? Finding a class that suits your age and ability is an exciting prospect, but that excitement can fade quickly if the commute to class is a drain. At one point during college, I found myself driving a grueling hour through dreaded school zones to make it to a new class in an extremely busy part of town only to fight for a parking space that would add another 30 minutes to my commute. With gas prices as high as they are, and gridlock traffic to test your patience, it may not be worth your time and energy to commit to a class that leaves you feeling beat up or late. If you do decide to attend a class on the other side of the moon, show consideration to your teacher and peers by managing your time wisely and being ready for class.

3. Cost

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Adult ballet classes are generally affordable, though it would still be wise to count the cost of your training. If you take class at a pre-professional school, you can expect to pay anywhere from $10-15 per class. You can either take a drop-in class at the full rate, or purchase a package of classes at a discount. Class cards are the most popular and cost-effective alternative to traditional tuition because there’s no long-term commitment and you can easily keep track of how many classes you have left. If you decide to explore community college, look into a continuing education program. This allows non-credit students to enroll in class, and the cost per semester is significantly lower than what you would pay at a pre-professional school.

These are a few major factors to take into consideration before enrolling in an adult ballet class.

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