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18 Confessions of Adult Ballet Dancers

by | Jan 27, 2017 | Articles, Dancer Diary, Inspiration

  1. We want to improve just as much as school aged students and professionals.
  2. More than the exercise, it’s the artistry of ballet that drives us to continue.
  3. We’ve seen the bronze sculpture by Degas, “The Little Fourteen-Year-Old Dancer” in person.
  4. We want “Tutu Tuesday” to really happen.
  5. We wish we had the physicality of ourselves at eighteen but the understanding of our age today.
  6. We sometimes struggle with saying, “I am a dancer” because we aren’t professionals.
  7. We have reoccurring dreams of doing infinite pirouettes.
  8. We want adult ballet dancers to follow class etiquette.
  9. But then again, we’ve brought babies to class.
  10. We own dancewear older than some of the students in class.
  11. We’d consider wearing a class uniform but just can’t do pink tights.
  12. Because we love that we can wear anything to class.
  13. We’ve experienced year long gaps between classes.
  14. And getting to class can feel like a triumph in itself.
  15. We want to work on the combinations at home but can never seem to remember them.
  16. We consider our classmates close friends and connect with them through our dancing.
  17. We are the patrons of the dance world.
  18. What’s your confession?

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